We Specialise in

  • Cleaning of internal sewage systems and risers
  • Cleaning of technological sewers, pipelines, exchangers, concrete surfaces of any type of pollution (including hard one)
  • Pipelines and sewers video inspection and inventory
  • Making new sewage networks, repair works on networks and sewage facilities or trenchless (point and line) repairs
  • Repairs of sewers using a man-accessible work, foundation seals, inspection chambers, reservoirs, pressurised injections, etc.
  • Waste disposure, comprising hazardous wastes (vehicle with ADR certificate)
  • Cleaning of sedimentation tanks, reservoirs, sand separator – their sealing and repair
  • Cutting roots and extracting concrete from sewers
  • Overpumping of water, sewage, etc.
  • Transportation and utilisation of hazardous waste
  • Deep wells cleaning implemented by means of hydromonitoring

We have professional best equipment manufacturers, both used for hydrodynamic cleaning (pressure pumps in building areas) as well as for electromechanical cleaning (brand devices such as Rothenberger for vertical installations cleaning with diameters oscillating from 50 to 200mm). There are TV cameras at our disposal (scope of works: fi 50 to fi 300 mm, description on the tape VHS or CD / DVD, computer technical documentation, the ability to take pictures), which allows to make an inventory of the sewage system as well as detect its possible irregularities and damages. The services we provide also comprise excavation repairs and trenchless ones (including “short sleeve” method). It involves the introduction to the sewer of the appropriate material saturated with resins (on the so-called “packer”), which after hardening ensures tightness and durability of the fixed section.

  • Cleaning of sanitary sewage system and rainwater pipes
  • Pipelines cleaning
  • Separators cleaning
  • Cleaning of sedimentation tanks
  • Pickup and transportation of wastes, including hazardous ones
  • Overpumping of water, sewage, sludge
  • Trenchless repairs
  • Installation and repair works of plumbing system
  • Sewage inspection and camera monitoring
  • Repair and construction services

For larger or medium sewers (starting from 150-1000mm) we make use of three self-propelled cameras produced by the Austrian company IPEK, which, thanks to the software of the Swiss company WinCan, are controlled from the position of the special carrying vehicle. The results are recorded on the disk or CD / DVD. After the inspection, the program generates a full graphical report of a given stretch (with a graph of drops). Apart from that, there are 3 septic tank trucks with rinsing pumps for cleaning the sewage and street inlets as well as the head for cutting roots and extracting concrete from sewers that we can offer.