A hydrodynamic cleaning technique, also known as hydroblasting, hydrojetting, water jetting

consists in directing a stream of clean fresh water under high pressure to the cleanable surface

Hydrodynamic cleaninig of deep wells

High pressure cleaning by air piping – “AIR-SHOCK”


Cleaning of internal sewage systems and risers

We have professional best equipment manufacturers, both used for hydrodynamic cleaning (pressure pumps in building areas) as well as for electromechanical cleaning…

Cleaning of technological sewers

Cleaning of technological sewers, pipelines, exchangers, concrete surfaces of any type of pollution (including hard one)

Repairs of sewers

Repairs of sewers using a man-accessible work, foundation seals, inspection chambers, reservoirs, pressurised injections, etc.

Cleaning of sedimentation tanks

Cleaning of sedimentation tanks, reservoirs, sand separator – their sealing and repair

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