Hydrodynamic Cleaning Technique

Hydrodynamic Cleaning Technique:

A hydrodynamic cleaning technique, also known as hydroblasting, hydrojetting, water jetting, / consists in directing a stream of clean fresh water under high pressure to the cleanable surface.

The classification of surfaces, obtained with the help of cleaning implemented with water under high pressure, is recognised by the American norm NACE No. 5 / SSPC-12. It also divides the terminology of the undertaken works due to the pressures used, and therefore the following classification has been obtained:

Washing with water under low pressure / Low-Pressure Water Cleaning (LP WC) / – pressure range <34 MPa / 340 bar /, used for washing various types of facilities, equipment and parts, cleaning facades, removing loose paint coatings, sanitary installations rinsing, and also used for wet sandblasting.

Washing with water under high pressure/ High pressure water washing (HP WC) / – the working pressure range is from 34 to 68 MPa / 340 to 680 bar /. Washing with this pressure is applied to remove heavy contaminants / crude oil, shutterings, concrete forms, etc., It embraces concrete surfaces cleaning, paint coatings, removing, horizontal road markings removing, corroded and damaged concrete removing, wet sandblasting and cleaning of installations, facilities and devices from petrochemical products.

Cleaning with water under high pressure / High pressure water jetting (HP WJ) / – operating pressure range from 68 to 170 MPa / 680 to 1700 bar /. Cleaning with this type of pressure is appropriate when removing plaster and corroded concrete layers, uncovering reinforcing steel in reinforced concrete structures, removing strongly adherent paint coats, heat exchangers cleaning, painting equipment, etc. and for roughening concrete surfaces.

Cleaning with water under very high pressure / Ultra High-Pressure Water Jetting (UHP WJ) / – operating pressure range is above 170 MPa / 1700 bar /, with most devices operating in the range of 200-250 MPa / 2000 – 2500 bar /. Cleaning with a very high pressure water jet is used for cleaning metal surfaces from all kinds of deposits, removing various types of coatings including flexible ones, as well as for cutting materials with water / metals, stone, concrete.


Due to the dynamic development of our company, we are introducing new solutions in the field of cleaning sewage, technological pipelines and deep wells.

– technological pipelines cleaning implemented by resonance method (protected by the patent)

– hydrodynamic cleaning of deep wells (reported to the patent office).

– pipelines cleaning using the air – high pressure method (protected by the patent).